Charming Patmos

July 6, 2019, Patmos, Greece — Octopi awaiting the pot on Patmos, where we’d gone to visit the Monastery of Saint John.

Patmos is 8 ferry hours from Athens, but we didn’t take the ferry. It has only 3 towns, and all 3,000 people on the island know what’s going on with everyone else. Which drives the local kids crazy, says our guide.​ That’s our ship...

​Some 70-75% of the Patmos economy is based on tourism. We were there to visit the 1088 AD Monastery of the Apokalypsis (Apocalypse), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was in a cave under the monastery, the story has it, that Saint John received the ‘revelations’ and wrote them down.​

​The small church (no photos allowed inside) is filled with icons and Bible stories. The Russian-looking icons are just that — gifts from Russians. The museum contains several extraordinary and priceless manuscripts, both illuminated and non-.

​We couldn’t take photos inside the cave either, where the ‘revelations’ occurred, but here’s a souvenir tchotchke of the event:​

The natural stone houses date from the 16th-18th centuries. An earthquake in 1956 did significant damage, so much is rebuilt. The monastery survived.

There were a few charming restaurants hanging over the edge overlooking the sea, and little shops like this one, under the monastery...

Another souvenir: What exactly is going on here?

Mykonos doesn’t have a monopoly on windmills...

​A hot hair day atop the Monastery museum...

Sunset over Patmos...

No other tourists but was idyllic. Next day: Minoans on Crete. #

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