Not my Viking Sun!

July 5, 2019, Piraeus, Greece — Flew from Rhodes back to Athens for one night. To the port of Piraeus the next morning to embark for a three-day cruise on the Celestyal Olympia: 1600 passengers, swarming with teenagers, a casino, and an unappealing pool. The food and service were okay. And, I reminded myself, what was important was where the ship was taking us — to more of the Greek isles!

Turndown service included a towel animal...

​One thing Celestyal did that Viking (with 900 passengers) did not: A full-fledged on-deck lifeboat drill. No, all 1600 of us did not climb into the lifeboats.

Yes, I know: Viking spoiled me rotten! #

©2018, 2019 Susan Nash/PassePartout
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