Getaway to the Greek Isles

July 1, 2019

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June 28, 2019, Hydra & Poros, Greece —We had a day ’off’ as in, we didn’t rehearse until the evening. We boarded a local cruise boat (smaller than a ‘ship’) for a getaway to two Greek isles that are relatively near Athens: Hydra (say hee‘-dra) and Poros. Since I’m staying after the tour (with a couple dozen other singers) to do a 3-day cruise among the more famous islands, there are more isles to come. ​


​Noteworthy in the photo above: the Andrea Camilleri novel.

My favorite Sicilian mystery writer! 


The boat...

 No, wait... that’s somebody’s private yacht, 

flying a British Naval ensign.


On Hydra... boats and burros to charter...


For those who don’t know: I’m a Lulu... one of the 7-member, all-girl Ukululus: Ukaholics Unanimous.  


 The local hardware store.


I didn’t dare set foot in this shop... the Picasso-patterned dress was gorgeous and I’m sure I didn’t have enough drachmas....


Contrary to previous travels, I haven’t posted many, if any, doors this trip. This will make up for that...








 This is a re-construction site....

​Self-portrait with curtain...


After a very nice lunch onboard, we stopped at Poros. There was less to see, but I did manage to buy a new shirt.

This is a church... barely wider than its door... 

 And inside...

 The Poros Police Station...

 Need mushrooms? Fresh ginger? No, wait... these are sponges. 

After a full day on the water and the islands, we rehearsed again with the Academica Athens Orchestra. No rest for the weary...


Next up: Concert #1, at the Athens Opera at the Niarchos Cultural Center.

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August 11, 2019

August 11, 2019

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