June 14, 2019, West Newbury, MA —

— Yia sas. Ti kanete?

— Ime kala. Efharisto. Signomi, ala then milao elinika. Milas anglika?

— Hello. How are you?

— I am fine. Thank you. Sorry, I don’t speak Greek. Do you speak English?

I sure hope they do, because it’s all Greek to me. Which is the name of a book I just finished, by a long-time copy editor at The New Yorker, who fell in love with the Greek languages (ancient and modern) and Greece.

This is just a heart-felt Efharisto — thank you to all who have already signed on to my next adventure!

Fittingly, the first subscriber — within 5 minutes of the launch! — was Mary Anne, a friend from World Cruise #1. Very seasoned travelers, she and her husband had been around the world (at least) once before, then signed on for the Viking inaugural. They stayed home for a year (I don’t know that for sure, but I don’t think they circumnavigated) and are going all the way around again next year, on Holland America. And the most recent subscriber, today — #72! — is Bruce, another friend from WC#1... who is just back from Greece, so I’m getting some tips from him.

This weekend, I must start packing — though it’s not so involved as packing for a 5-month trip! #

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