Life on the Sun — an Update

March — early April, 2019, Below the Equator — Here I am, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A good time to clean out the photo trove and share some miscellaneous images.

This next one gives you a better idea where I was, nearing Mauritius, to the east of Madagascar. We will stop at both:

I learned last year that many of you are interested in Life Onboard, e.g., ‘More food pictures, please!’ so here’s a visual record of things I’ve seen, heard, done and eaten on board the Sun in the past 5 or 6 weeks, in no order either thematic or chronological.

Btw: I reported a couple weeks ago on the Mayday of the Viking Sky off the coast of Norway. (See Recent Posts: March 25). I learned afterwards what happened: the oil gauge inside the oil tank automatically shuts the engines down when there is insufficient oil. Otherwise, the engines would burn out. The gauge said LOW OIL and the engines shut down. Unfortunately, the seas were very rough when this happened, so, with no engines, the ship couldn’t steady itself. The gauge is inside the oil tank, and when the seas are rough and the oil sloshes from one side of the tank to the other, the gauge may ‘think’ there’s no oil when there is, in fact, enough oil — but it’s sloshed to the other side of the tank, away from the gauge. Obviously, a redesign is in the works. Meanwhile, the Sky has been in dry dock since then for repairs to the interior, and the original Assistant Cruise Director from my ship (the first leg: Miami to Valparaiso, Chile) will be on it soon, when it resumes its cruising schedule.

Think this was called Opera Cake. More pretty than tasty.

Duck breast with onion confit , carrot and squirts of somethings else.

Cover artist Elle Adda did a nice job covering Edith Piaf.

The Kids.... the Viking Vocalists, who have become great friends of all the solo travelers. Here doing their Sixties Tribute.

Tina and Emily, the two female Vocalists, in the Sixties Tribute.

On mal de mer days, there are always bowls of candied ginger around the ship. That — and green apples — are a good natural remedy.

These two traditional British condiments appeared recently near the Caution Hot toaster. Vegemite is an Australian creation.

There is always music playing around the ship... sometimes on the PA, but often live. This is Resident Pianist Ferenc in the Atrium.

Katei, an Australian rock violinist. He is a fantastic fiddler and a great performer.

Cruise Director Heather Clancy has performed for us a number of times. She can sing anything... and sing it well.

The Virginia Gentlemen a cappella group spent their spring break with us off the coast of New Zealand.

All the ‘worldies’ — those of us on for the long haul — were invited to dinner once at the ‘Captain’s table.’ The ship’s general manager, Surgith Mohan (far left) hosted, Captain Olav (seated) was the special guest, and the Restaurant Manager, Executive Chef and Beverage Manager dropped by for a photo. You tell an officer’s area of responsibility and rank by the color and number of stripes: yellow for those who drive the ship (the Captain), and white for those who take care of the guests.

Not finding any Sticky Toffee Pudding on the menu, I had to settle for Sticky Date Pudding.

Maki rolls. Note the pretty leaf pattern on the wasabi !

Closing in on the Equator, the weather is hot and steamy and the clouds are fantastic.

​Plus, we’ve had rainbows every morning for the past three days, including a double! ​​

Being a practitioner of an unusual instrument, the ukulele, I felt obliged to go hear the guest harmonica diva, Sharene. All of 25 years old, she was terrific. And very steady on her feet, considering her footwear.

Just another equatorial sunset...

Guest Enrichment Lecturer Charlotte Smith has a collection of 9,000 pieces of vintage clothing, from the Victorian era to the present. Her favorite decade is the 70s, so she wears that era when she speaks. She talks about ‘fashion,’ but in the context of the times, e.g., the influence of suffragettes on women’s clothing, and WWI and WWII, and ‘power dressing,’ etc. So interesting there are always men in the audience.

This isn’t an official Name that Cloud Contest photo, but you’re welcome to take a shot!

What’s the female equivalent of being knighted? Well, I’ve been ‘damed.’ My Vocalist friend Shaun decided to always refer to me and call me ‘Susan Nash,’ full name, in his clipped British accent. Then he added ‘Dame.’ This is the rogues’ gallery in one the staff quarters: pictures of all the ‘worldies’ were posted so the crew and staff would learn their names. My mug shot was decorated...

Next stop: Mauritius. Which is going to be gorgeous. #

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