Gallery: Night Shots of Auckland

March 16, 2019

March 7, 2019, Auckland, New Zealand — Before bringing you up to date on Wellington, here’s a gallery of photos I took on ‘Auckland After Dark Through a Camera Lens.’ Ten of us crammed into a van with a professional photographer for a jaunt across the harbour so we could shoot Auckland’s skyline at sunset. Except it got so cloudy there wasn’t much of a sunset.


All the others had DSL cameras and tripods.

I had just my iPhone 8Plus. So their results and mine are no doubt quite different... I prefer to label my blurry ones, taken in the dark, as ‘atmospheric.’


In the park atop Mount Victoria, in the middle of the charming little suburb of Devonport, on the other side of the harbour... 



View back at the city from Mount Victoria... note the varied and lush greenery.


Next photo stop: under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Originally 4 lanes wide, it was deemed too narrow, so 4 additional lanes were constructed in Japan, shipped here, and attached outside the original 4. The result is now called the Nippon Clip-on. 

I turned my back on the bridge and took these... all done without a flash (which I never turn on). You may need to tip your screen towards you to see the color.




Your screen isn’t dirty... there are a few visible stars. In Sydney I’ll do a walking photographic tour... but it may be in the rain. #

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