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October 25, 2018

April 28, 2018

The Continent, capital C, as in mainland Europe... because I’d already traveled around four other lower-case-c continents. I am an unabashed Euroholic... though this cruise has opened my eyes A LOT to what’s out there in the rest of the world.

I’d been to Spain in 2006 and 2010, both times to volunteer at Pueblo Inglés English-language...

October 25, 2018

April 27, 2018

My ‘Treasures of Algiers’ excursion promised to take me to ‘two beloved oases of peace and beauty.’ Today it has little of either, though remains of both can be found.

Algeria has had a dark history and its present and future don’t look good. Some 70% of the population are under 35, but unemployment is between 20-30% (depending who’s...

October 23, 2018

April 26, 2018

Our second Mediterranean island (after Malta) was the Italian-ish Sardinia, to differentiate it from the French-ish Corsica. Though one’s part of Italy and the other’s part of France, they are both fiercely independent in their culture, spirit and local language. Sardo is still spoken — Italian didn’t become common until TV brought it...

October 21, 2018

April 24, 2018

Malta is not very large, and I was on foot so I saw only a bit, but what I saw is breathtakingly gorgeous. After several days in hardscrabble Egypt, it was a joy to open the curtains in the morning and see the UNESCO Heritage Site city of Valletta, the capitol.

One of the best berths of our whole 60+port journey... the odd chain-mail...

October 21, 2018

April 18-21, 2018

If you’re like me, you were about 8 when you first saw the Pyramids of Giza, maybe in a TV cartoon, maybe in a photo in Life magazine. Life was my introduction to great reportorial photography. 

So I’m only going to re-post some favorite shots and suggest you re-read the original posts if you want to be reminded what Egypt was like,...

September 22, 2018

One of the (many) wonderful things about a cruise is gliding into port early in the morning and opening the curtains to... Who knows what? A breathtaking landscape... or a sea of containers off container ships? This is the port of Aqaba, Jordan’s only coastal city.​ It was already hot.

​The main reason to visit Jordan is Petra, The Rose Red City, a...

September 20, 2018

April 10, 2018

Sultanate #1 was Brunei, back on March 1. What a change from India! This is all desert — but wealthy desert. Oil, don’t you know. In a land with so much sun, they don't bother with solar power — a missed opportunity, but, hey, they didn’t ask me.

Modern architecture must all be in the same generally sand-colored palette, and it all ha...

September 16, 2018

April 7, 2018

The two excursions I was on in Mumbai were not about seeing the sights, though we did pass by a few on the bus: the vast Victorian-ornate administrative offices and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, leftovers from the Raj that all looked like huge dribbly sand castles. 

When I have the option, wherever I am, I go on a walking tour....

September 15, 2018

April 1-6, 2018 [with 3 sea days in the midst]

[I give up. I am a hopeless photo editor. So many shots bring back so many memories, and I am enjoying revisiting all the places I saw on my trip. The first go ’round, I divided the subcontinent into 4 blog posts, one per port. But this first stab has gotten so, shall we say, comprehensive, I’m going to...

September 6, 2018

No. Not THIS Hieronymus Bosch...

THIS Hieronymus Bosch... aka ‘Harry’...

 ... the character created by Michael Connelly and portrayed in the Amazon Prime series by Titus Welliver. Who just happens to be the son of the famous Maine landscape painter Neil Welliver. 

So what are the Bosches doing here?

The only thing that gets me to the gym to do...

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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane


December 4, 2018

November 25, 2018

November 23, 2018

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