The Heffalump Wins!

Numerous pachydermian replies: Barbar, Celeste in a Tutu, Dumbo with his Feather, Ganesh.... I thought a meditating Elephant in the Sukhasana position. All good! I’ll keep my eye out for more interesting clouds — they are WONDERFUL in this part of the world, don’t you agree? Having just left Fiji (will take a while to concoct that post — lots of pix to sort through), we are 2 days at sea en route to New Zealand — where I need to buy two more pairs of sandals, preferably Crocs. My darling steward just rang my doorbell (yes, I have a doorbell) to tell me that I had miscounted on my laundry slip (again). Wrong number of bras, wrong number of panties. Jeesh, how embarrassing. I am going to sign up for a tour of the laundry — I understand it is an amazing production number. #

P.S. canNOT adjust to the fact that I am a day ahead of you all. Right now it is Thursday, January 25, 10:10 p.m. But Wix and I will NEVER resolve the International Date Line issue! (And I have to move the clock forward AGAIN tonight, by one hour, for yet another Time Zone shift.)

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