When I was 22, I set off alone, Frommer in hand, to do Europe on $5 a Day... 11 countries in 13 weeks. I have been back 13 times — and the price has gone up!

In 2016, traveling with the Yale Alumni Chorus, I added Vietnam and Singapore to my passport. By then, it had been renewed several times.


One of my favorite movies as a kid was ‘Now, Voyager.’  Bette Davis is a spinster aunt who comes into enough money to do a total makeover plus go on a grand tour. I’ve  always loved the movie’s title, from a line by Whitman:

‘Now, voyager… sail you forth to seek and find.’

This year, I am embarking on another — a ‘maiden’ — voyage. My first-ever cruise, aboard the brand-new Viking Sun, will take me to 5 continents... 35 countries... and 64 ports of call. I think you’ll agree it qualifies as a grand voyage!

Please come along... it’s going to be one helluva trip!



Photos from the 2016 Yale Alumni Chorus tour... my most ‘exotic’ trip... so far!

Noodling ‘pho’ wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat.

Cruising up the Mekong in Vietnam.

It was hot. Very, very hot.

Singing Cole Porter at the Yale ‘cabaret’ in Singapore.

THE ITINERARY                                         

Click on the map to zoom in and read the place names.


Passe-partout ... Qu’est-ce que ça signifie?

From the French passer, to pass or go, and partout, everywhere. Besides being Phileas Fogg’s French valet sidekick in

‘Around the World in Eighty Days,’ passe-partout means ‘skeleton key’ — because it will get you in anywhere!

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