Mutiny Averted*! *for the time being

We have set sail on the really high seas — out across the Pacific. Next stop, Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia, one week from today. I’ve never heard of Nuku Hiva, but I bet David had, from his stamp collecting. A new friend, Diane, said, ‘The trip really starts after LA.’ Up till now, we had been on our home continent, or at least connected to it. A couple hiccups. Due to the hellacious weather, one couple due to embark in LA couldn’t get out of Chicago until late yesterday— so we waited for them and left port several hours after schedule.

Bigger hiccup: As of this writing (early Saturday a.m.), there is NO internet connection. I am drafting this in Word and will import it later when the Internet springs back to life. They have been tinkering with the ether since we left Miami but there’s obviously a major hang-up. All 888 passengers plus all 466 staff and crew might mutiny if we don’t get this fixed soon!

We finally got definitive numbers last night when the Viking chairman —

NEWSFLASH!!!!! The internet is up and running at 8:27 a.m.PST!

— Torstein Hagen was on board to raise a glass to toast the first-ever Viking World Cruise. You would recognize him: he’s the star of the Viking ads you see on ‘Masterpiece Theatre.’ Mr.Hagen told us that 575 people had sailed from Miami to LA, and another 313 joined us yesterday — just in time for the mandatory Guest Emergency Drill. And believe me they checked that every single passenger mustered to his or her Assembly Station to watch the life jacket fashion show. We have been spared the lifeboat drill, but I’m sure we’ve all seen the movie. Thanks to Tallulah, I know how to catch a fish with a diamond bracelet.

Waiting for Mr Hagen to arrive: hors d’oeuvres and champagne for everyone.

He was here in the flesh, but only visible (to me) on screen. His daughter Karine, who I assume is in line to take over from her 74-year-old father, was also there — with her golden, the only dog allowed onboard. He’s been on all the Viking ships and roams around as if he owns them. Which he sort of does. He even stayed the night. When I got back to my room, there was a lovely, large leather box on the bed.

A present from Viking? Oh boy!

Something soft, wrapped in tissue with a Viking sticker. Oh boy oh boy.

Oh. Great. It’s a gift from the laundry. My underwear. #

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