Any Hieronymus Bosch fans out there?

September 6, 2018

No. Not THIS Hieronymus Bosch...

THIS Hieronymus Bosch... aka ‘Harry’...

 ... the character created by Michael Connelly and portrayed in the Amazon Prime series by Titus Welliver. Who just happens to be the son of the famous Maine landscape painter Neil Welliver. 


So what are the Bosches doing here?


The only thing that gets me to the gym to do my three miles on the treadmill is the bribe of watching something fun on my iPad. The recent flavor is Bosch, about a tough-but-rule-bending-but-honest LAPD detective. Today’s episode (Season 4, Ep. 1) takes place around three places I saw on my January 4 walking tour of LA architecture: ON the (top) Angel Flight funicular (scene of the murder) and IN the (middle) Bradbury Building (office of the murdered lawyer), and there's even a scene in the (bottom) Biltmore Hotel (where assorted skullduggerers were meeting and mingling).





I’ve only been to California a few times, mostly for conventions, so I can’t say I know the state, and LA less than other places. I actually stayed at the Biltmore during an American Booksellers Assn convention decades ago... my only memory is watching a gigantic rat disappear down a storm drain outside the hotel’s entrance.


Next stop in the Blog Re-cap: !ncredible India ! #


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