La La Land

June 20, 2018

January 4 & 5, 2018


It was strange to come back to the U.S. after three weeks in Cuba and Central America, knowing that it was only a momentary break before I’d be off to far more exotic places.


A walking tour of ‘Architectural Gems of the City’ included numerous re-purposed movie theatres, this one guarded by razor wire — which was to reappear later on my cruise!

The State was converted to the Catedral.

I like seeing the new against the old. This modern architecture is ho-hum tame by LA standards.

 For $1, the ‘Flight of Angels’ will transport you from downtown to uptown.

On LA Day 2, my cousin Joan and her husband Jim took me to the The Getty.

J. Paul was known to be cheap — but he invested a helluva lot in a helluva lot of art.

As the trip continued, I soon came to the conclusion that Asian women do not set foot out of the house unless they’re dressed to the nines. Okay, these two might be sevens, but they’re still young, and they get credit for style. #


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