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May 13, 2018

This isn’t Name that Cloud, and it isn’t meant to be homework. But, as I begin to scroll through all my photos looking for my favorite pix and places, it occurs to me that you might have a favorite place I went to. Maybe you’ve been there, or have always wanted to go there. Maybe you had never heard of it before (Nuku Hiva comes to my mind). Here’s...

May 13, 2018

‘… isn’t that what travel is? A chance to reckon with what you want to see versus what you really do see, a chance to rethink what you thought you knew—as long as you give the place, wherever it is, the opportunity to work its spell on you. Oman gave me both. It wasn’t what I expected. But I kept my eyes open, even in the sandstorm, and in the end,...

May 11, 2018

‘An essential part of travel is the inevitable sense that wherever you’ve gotten to isn’t quite what you hoped it would be—just as you yourself are never, not completely, the traveler you thought you would be.’

                                                               from Lev Grossman's review of Geoff Dyer’s...

May 6, 2018

West Newbury, Massachusetts, May 6 — A far less exotic dateline (sigh). At the ‘Captain’s Farewell’ ceremony, we were given these statistics, which were as of May 2, the 140-day mark:

5,827 ‘treatments’ at the spa

71 guest entertainers at the Star Theatre

129,861 uniforms pressed

289,180 pillowcases washed and pressed

77,998 eggs cooked

62,181 potatoes...

May 6, 2018

Aside: Before the nautical terms... One of my faithful readers — whom I know only from the blog: I think she discovered it on Cruisecritic.com — did the math I didn’t do in yesterday’s ‘Just the stats, ma’am’ post.

Re: Potable water consumed: 38,675 cubic meters = 10,216,854.1 US gallons or 8,507,310.6 Imperial gallons! TEN+ MILLION gallons of wate...

May 5, 2018

The luggage barge collecting bags, pre-dawn, this morning...if each passenger had

3 bags, that’s 2,490 bags to sort, onload, offload and sort again (photo by my new Viking friend Susan Thomas)

Somewhere above England/the Atlantic, May 5 — I was determined to send my last real “travelogue” post while I was still abroad, and I met that deadline when I...

May 5, 2018

​Greenwich, England, May 4 — I could have gone on a Viking excursion to the Tower of London or a jaunt out to Windsor Castle or trekked all the way to Canterbury Cathedral — not to mention the opportunity to ‘immerse [my]self in East London’s Famed Food Haven’ at the Billingsgate Fish Market.

Instead, I opted to remain in Greenwich with two of my d...

May 2, 2018


Málaga, Spain, April 29 — I think Viking decided to put in here on the Costa del Sol so they could offer the Alhambra in Granada as an excursion. But that fabulous Moorish fortress-palace, which I visited in 2010, would only make 66 tickets available for the day we would be in the area. There were many disappointed Vikings. The Alhambra didn’t...

May 1, 2018

Catagena, Spain, April 28 — For a city known for centuries for military, mining (lead and silver) and industry, Cartagena is a peach in ‘Europe’s orchard,’ the name given to the agricultural region of Murcia.

Carthiginian general Hasbrubal Barca (brother of Hannibal) founded ‘Qart Hadasht’ in the 3rd century BC and immediately set to building ramp...

May 1, 2018

​Algiers, Algeria, April 27 — Algiers, known as ‘Alger la Blanche’ for its white buildings, is now the biggest country in Africa (since Sudan split) and the 10th biggest in the world. And it is in bad shape. We heard an excellent lecture from one of our resident experts — he specializes in politics and security in the Middle East and North Africa....

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Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Brisbane


December 4, 2018

November 25, 2018

November 23, 2018

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