My Zodiac Sign Told Me to Go to Greece!

June 19, 2019, West Newbury, Massachusetts — Horoscopicly speaking, I am a Cancer, though I’ve never thought I fit the bill: ‘Cancer is a sign that loves two things, home and water. Enjoying your home comforts shouldn’t stop you jetting off to new destinations though. The ideal spot for Cancerians is somewhere where they can feel loved and at home with their spiritual side. The island of Santorini in Greece is the perfect place with its volcanic beaches, whitewashed buildings and intriguing chapels.’

I squirreled that quote away on December 20. I have no idea where I read it, but now, 6 months later, I am channeling my inner stargazer and going to Greece... in 2 days. I‘m trying to remember how to pack for 3 weeks — not 5 months!

I had signed up for the trip last fall. Every 3 years, the Yale Alumni Chorus — I am one of their ringer singers, meaning I didn’t go to Yale, but they let me sing with them — does an international concert tour. In 2010 we went to Cuba (good thing: Americans can’t do it now) and in 2016 to Vietnam and Singapore. They won’t do another tour until 2022, and I didn’t want to wait. Plus, I’ve never been to Greece.

They are calling this their Odyssey of Song Tour. Catchy, huh? I am sweating bullets learning the modern Greek piece we will perform... thanks be to all the gods and goddesses, it is in English. Plus we’ll do a Brahms piece, a couple spirituals, a Greek folk song, a South African song and, of course, a few classic boolah-boolah Yale songs.

Knowing this group, I will not have time to write my usual lengthy posts during the trip. But I do hope to at least post photos with captions while I’m there. And I promise to do a wrap-up when I get home. Is it a deal?

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‘To travel is to discover that

everyone is wrong about other countries.’

~ Aldous Huxley

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