Laundry & the Like: Let’s Do the Numbers

May 14, 2019

laundry room at the Albany Convict Jail in Australia 



January 3 to May 11, 2019, All around the World —


  • 128 days (75 sea days)

  • 4 continents

  • 20 countries

  • 42 ports

  • 778 passengers

  • 464 crew and staff



  • Team members Tom, Jim, Steve, Kathy & Carol (mascots), Yours Truly, Viola and Frank 

  • 8 wins and 14 second place

  • We probably won 9, not 8: there was a cheating scandal on the final game day and another player on another team told us we’d been ‘screwed out of a win’

  • We tied another team for 15-out-of-15 once



THE SHIP LAUNDRY (I took a Laundry tour, but photos weren’t allowed, hence the Convict Jail photo above)

  • 24/7

  • 9 Laundry Men (from India, Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines)

  • Only eco-friendly, phosphate-free chemicals are used (and changed by a rep from the Italian manufacturer)

  • Linens and towels are washed at 140F and each of the four washers holds 235 pounds! Clothes are then pressed by hand; linens are put through The Mangler, which is HUGE

Per day laundry:

  • 2500 towels (after 70 uses, towels are replaced—this is controlled by the color on the mfr’s label; used-up towels are relegated to engine cleaning!)

  • 800 bed sheets — 6,000 on ‘turnaround day’ (when we left and the next bunch came aboard)

  • 750 officer and crew uniforms

  • 400 tablecloths

  • 3200 napkins (all 4 restaurants use linen; only the bars — and the gelato bar — use paper

  • 120 pounds of guests’ personal laundry (complimentary for suites and larger staterooms; all others pay the price)



  • 24/7 (I should hope so!)

  • 38 staff: Electricians, Plumbers, Electronic Engineers, Engine Storekeepers, Fitters, Reefer Engineers, Incinerator Men, Motor Men, Oilers, Wipers — plus one Engine Cadet

  • 2 Father Engines and 2 Son Engines + bow thrusters, stern thrusters, propellers, rudders, auxiliary boilers, exhaust gas economizers, exhaust gas scrubber system

  • Normal speed 18 knots, maximum speed 20 knots

  • Potable water consumed in 128 days: 38,797 cubic meters



  • 38 members: Deck, Carpenters, (Gangway) Security

  • They train the crew in safety procedures (the crew have frequent mandatory ‘safety drills’), maintain the tenders, lifeboats, firefighting and life-saving equipment

  • Interior and exterior maintenance (if there’s ever a smudge on the outside, it’s painted over the next time we’re in port!)



  • 22 members from 5 countries

  • 24/7 cleaning of all 10 galley areas, 10 dish-wash areas, 8 pot-wash areas — not to mention the ovens and stoves and other cooking equipment + all galley floors

  • Average day: 4,000 plates, 8,000 glasses, 15,000 pieces of cutlery



Next up: Food and Beverage! #











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