From Meal de Mer to Mal de Mer

March 3, 2019

March 3, 2019, somewhere in the South Pacific — You read that right: Today is Sunday, March 3. At least where I am, it is. We crossed the International Date Line last night and have lost Saturday forever. A party is planned for this evening on the Pool Deck to toast and sing to any passengers and crew who have been cheated out of their March 2 birthdays! 


Two nights ago, the sunset looked like this at 6:02 and 6:10... note the pacific Pacific...


... just as the Polynesian Feast (and dress-up party) began on the Aquavit aft deck.

Followed by Dancing Under the Stars, with entertainment by the über talented Viking Band and the Viking Vocalists...




That was then. And this...

... is now. I doubt the aforementioned very-merry-un-birthday party will take place this evening, as we are currently experiencing Force 10 gale winds and 12-to-18-foot seas. Our speed is a third what it normally is: 6 knots instead of 18. The Captain calls the seas ‘rough to very rough’ and says ‘the winds are a little bit all over the place.’ All the pools have been drained... 

And all the deck furniture is stacked and snugged in. The chaises longues are stacked and strapped down, since they are lightweight enough to become airborne.

So far, the only storm-related injury I’ve heard about is a broken thumb, caused when a door unexpectedly slammed on it. I’m wearing my pressure-point wristbands and took one Dramamine. I wondered if I should eat breakfast but did and felt better so I was sure not to skip lunch.


I endeavour to imagine what it was like sailing the seas in this weather with Captain Cook... and I can’t.


Other sea-day news: My trivia team got a perfect score  — 15 out of 15! Only the second team to have accomplished this in 2+ months.  #

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