Sunrise, Sunset

I seem to recall posting a picture of a sunrise some days back. You’ll have to take my word for it, I have seen the sun rise this trip. But it’s last night’s sunset I want to share. It had been overcast all day — for two days, in fact — but I looked up from my continual battle with the internet connection long enough to see a spectacular, Rothko-esque sunset. Panning to the right, was this...

And, today, it’s warm, muggy and rainy. Good day to play bridge, charades, and attend the first meeting of the Viking Sun Choir, which I am lobbying to have renamed the Viking Sun Chorus, lest people think we’re a bunch of hymn singers. Once I get the lay of the musical land, I’ll decide if I bring the ukulele to the next rehearsal! This from Priscilla, who said: ‘Now you know why I told you you had to take the uke!’ #

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